We're the first Devuan VM provider in the world.

Software freedom, your way. Enjoy your Devuan VM in the heart of Switzerland. 

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VM hosting


Hosted in Switzerland

GB Storage (SSD)

What is Devuan?

If you managed to find Devuanhosting chances are that you already know what Devuan is pretty well. However we never get tired of promoting Devuan: Devuan is Linux distribution without systemd. It was forked of Debian in 2014 and since provides serious Linux users with an opportunity to run Linux without systemd.

Read more about why we support Devuan


Why Devuan hosting?

  • no bloated pid 1 process
  • no pid 1 exploits likely
  • more secure init system
  • does not abort fsck on boot when it takes too long
  • Sane network interface names (eth0, ...) instead of cryptic (like enp0s31f6)
  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)
  • Devuan hosting is located in Glarus, Switzerland, at a datacenter run by 100% hydropower from the Alps. 

We offer you the freedom

thanks to the developers of Devuan.

Enough time spent in pain with systemd. We want more people know about Devuan, we want to offer it to people as an option. 

Hack Devuan with us!

Life is too short to be wasted on bad software. Join us for the journey of Devuan. Read more.

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Our cloud
Our monitoring
Our awesome juice
Our NAT64 gateway
Our configuration management system

What is Devuan week?

Buy 1 get 1 for free! 2018.04.01-04.14

We celebrate the launch of Devuanhosting by giving the Devuan users a double up chance. You can double up your RAM or CPU of VMs you ordered on devuanhosting.com and datacenterlight.ch. 

How does it work?

Order Devuan VM on devuanhosting.com or datacenterlight.ch and write us a message via the contact section of the website, specify which option you want to double up (RAM or CPU) we will apply the double-up for you.

A simple example 

order a Devuan VM with 1 Core, 2 GB RAM, go through the payment, then write us on the contact section you double up your RAM. You'll see your RAM doubled up to 4GB for free.

How long does the double up last?

The doubled-up VMs last as long as you don't quit the subscription yourself. You won't pay extra amount for the double up as long as you don't terminate the VM. 

Are you a Data Center Light user already?

If you already have signed up at Data Center Light, you can use the same login credential you have for Data Center Light. Vice Versa for Devuanhosting user when logging in Data Center Light website! 




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